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EIA flange series coaxial connector
 TYPE EIA flange connectors are commonly used to connect two components in a high power coaxial transmission line. EIA stands for “Electronic Industries Alliance” which is a standards body that defines the interface configuration. Typically these are only required in very high power transmitting installations (10s of kW to MW) where the feedline diameters may be several inches. One side of the connection is denoted as a male connection, or bullet, while the other side is denoted as the female connection, or cup. The mounting flange design, inner and outer conductor dimensions are standardized by the EIA. They are commonly referred to by the outer diameter of the outer conductor in fractional inches. Sizes covered under these 3 standards range have  7/8 ,1-5/8 and 3- 1/8 inch outside diameter (OD) for 50 ohm designs. EIA flange connectors products range also cover both within adaptors and external adaptors with N ,7/16 DIN connectors. . EIA flange designs are commonly used in military applications connecting high power antennas for ground or airborne radar as well as commercial applications in industrial equipment, broadcast and telecom infrastructure.

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